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Pastor Sidney Bryant Sr. took heed to the call of evangelism at the tender age of 13 while serving under his leaders Apostle Leviticus and Pastor Cynthia Moore at Glorious Deliverance Family Worship Center, Inc. in Fitzgerald Georgia. Pastor Bryant traveled the east coast teaching and preaching the word of God as an evangelist for five years before submitting and serving  faithfully under his parents Pastor Theodore and Pastor Charlene Moore at Kingdom Provision Deliverance Center Inc. in Cochran Georgia as a Licensed and Ordained Minister for four years.


In October of 2021 Pastor Sidney began the launch phase of Compel Church of Georgia in the city of Valdosta. 

His personal mission is “to foster God’s gifts through provoking artisanship and applying principles of the word of God for a solid foundation and the building of the Kingdom of God.

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